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About Us

Our Vision:
We are an online company dedicated to teaching and training aspiring entrepreneurs how to move from being students or employees to successful profitable online entrepreneurs.

We believe that going through entrepreneurship journey allows us to have a lasting impact on the world at large with the products, services and businesses we create.

We believe that the faster we can guide you to move away from depending on employers and the “job” market for income, you’ll be able to focus your time on the things that truly matter to you, like your life and family.

Our Philosophy:
Create IMMENSELY valuable products and ask for much less in return.

Yes, it’s that simple.

SolutionLabs is our way to transfer the trainings, resources, tips, and tools that we create to make the journey from employee to successful business owner accessible to as many people as possible.
Meet Charles:

Welcome! I’m Charles Lapointe.

I got my start in online marketing and entrepreneurship over 7 years ago when I started selling products on forums and ranking 2 page websites on Google.

I was using “black hat” tools to rank my websites, and after a year or so I got what I deserved; my websites tanked to the very bottom of the rankings and I lost my revenue.

Even though I failed to replicate the same earnings, despite trying to a number of times, I still believed, deep down, that it was possible to earn a reasonable income using the Internet. I knew that it was possible for me continue being an excellent university student and make money working minimal hours, from my laptop – I just had to figure out how!

Fortunately for me, things turned around when, confused and somewhat exasperated, I went back to the fundamentals. I revisited the Entrepreneurship Quadrant, shared in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. I realized I couldn’t keep trying to take shortcuts. I had to go from employee to self-employed first to achieve my goal of being a business owner.

Going from an employee to self-employed wasn’t easy, because I didn’t know, at first, what I know now…

After having adopted certain key mindsets, learned valuable skills and implemented effective strategies, I was easily able to make a $100 a day online, from my laptop, anywhere, all while still studying full time.

Ever since, I’ve been working on increasing this number by also helping aspiring entrepreneurs; students and employees to do the same for themselves through my products and services.
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