Top 3 Facebook Ads Conversion Events For Online Education Businesses


Choose the Right Facebook Ads Conversion Events to Scale Your Online Course Business

You’re lost when it comes to choosing the right Facebook ads conversion events for your online course business? You’re not getting any satisfying returns when it comes to your advertising? This article is particularly interesting for you if you are a course creator with little technical understanding of the Facebook ads platform.

Facebook ads conversion events can be daunting at times, because of the multitude of options the platform offers you. In this blog post, the objective is to share the top 3 conversion events course creators, experts, coaches, consultants, and teachers want to optimize around and why.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to:

  • Maximize your ROI (Return On Investment): the goal of running a Facebook ads campaign is to get more in return than what you’ve invested.
  • Position yourself as an expert without being salesy
  • Start pushing leads deeper into your funnel without spending more money on ads.
  • Scale your online course business

Install a Facebook pixel on your website

Before considering running a Facebook ads campaign, the first thing to do is to install a Facebook pixel on your website.

This easy, yet crucial step enables you to collect the essential data users take when they visit your website.

You can then use that data to track and monitor your conversions and optimize your Facebook ads accordingly. The collected information will help you with your marketing and advertising strategy as a whole, as you’ll be able to build targeted audiences for future adverts. 

The Facebook pixel is a little piece of code that you add to your website. You can find it in the Event Manager within Facebook Business Manager or Ad Manager. Once installed, it won’t require any more work from you and it will do its job to collect the data. 

Note that installing a Facebook pixel is completely free.

Facebook ads website leads conversion event

Once your pixel is installed, you can start running Facebook ads conversion events for your online education business.

The first step is to capture leads.

Leads for online education businesses mean prospects that are giving you their name and email in exchange for a free offer. It could be a free email course, access to a video masterclass, a PDF course, a free ebook, a cheat-sheet, a hack, etc.

In some sense, it’s like getting people coming into your business. The goal here is to build your audience, to attract the same people who’ll then become your customers and allow you to scale your online course business. You keep track of users and you’ll already have a list of people in your database to promote your paid offers.

Leads are the bread and butter of any business. Optimizing around the email capture with names ideally allows you to follow-up with these prospects manually or automatically. You build a list of these prospects and you can see the long-term value of following up.

The reason why this is the first conversion event we want to optimize for is because it is the cheapest conversion event. It allows us to get a low cost per result and validate the marketing without having to invest sometimes hundreds of dollars to see a single conversion.

The way we do this is by sending traffic to an opt-in page: it will be connected to an auto-responder that’s only goal is to capture the name and email of the prospect. In exchange, you give away something valuable to your audience (usually valued at $100+).

If you can’t generate leads after a substantial budget, go back to the drawing board and do some more testing. Adjusting, keeping a record of what works and what doesn’t and testing are all part of the game of being an entrepreneur. So don’t give up, you’ll eventually succeed if you’re consistent!

Facebook ads website application conversion event

The website application comes next in the ladder of Facebook ads conversion events for online education businesses.

Though it’s still an achievable conversion to be optimizing around without spending too much money on advertising to see initial results. 

It’s when you have provided enough value and reasons for prospects to apply.

The website application conversion event is great for many reasons. It’s ideal because it allows you to position yourself as an expert without being salesy. You don’t need to announce the price of your offer on the front-end. Also, the best aspect of this is that it also allows you to segment your audiences and learn more about them without speaking to them personally.

The way to get application submissions is really simple. You just have to create a form and embed it on long-form sales pages. Then, the objective would be to drive traffic to it. You can use TypeForm to build customizable and intuitive forms.

The website application form is how your prospects apply for high ticket programs.


The last action to take in your Facebook ads conversion events strategy is to encourage your prospects to become customers: to buy your digital product.

The idea here is to get people to purchase your online course and allow them to access it without you having to do anything. Here is how you can productize your teaching into a course and scale your online business. 

You create your content once, you sell it over and over again. You’ll create an online course out of your teaching skills and experience that will allow you to scale your online course business like never. 

All you’ll have to do then would be to run an advertizing campaign to target the right customers.

That is why your advertizing and your marketing are crucial at that step. It’s basically the ‘only’ thing you’ll have to achieve as the teaching work would already be done.

If you’ve created a video course, but it’s just not selling – go back to application.

You have the best step-by-step Facebook ads conversion events strategy for online education businesses. The way they are organized is from less costly to more costly, and the correlation between values is the same. Managing Facebook ads is not a simple task. By getting one conversion working for you at a time, it’s easier to see how they can all work together.
Choosing the wrong Facebook ads conversion event is just some of the top business mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make. Have you made any of these? Got a mistake that you see others making that I didn’t list? Share them in the comments below.


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