Productivizing Your High Ticket Offer Into A Course Profitably

I’ve seen so many coaches, teachers, educators and schools that have high ticket offers, but end up being stuck teaching the same class over and over again never being able to grow and scale their teaching and influence in this world. 

The problem is quite simple, they don’t productivize their offer. They don’t turn their service offering into a product. They don’t follow the natural order of business, which causes them to be stuck.

The natural way to start and grow a business is as follows;

  1. Start as an employee – learn to trade time for money
  2. Become self-employed – learn to offer services for money
  3. Become a business owner – learn to depend on systems to offer services & products to clients

See, what happens is that most teachers and educators come from being an employee teaching in front of a class and receive a pay check and guarantees, often from the government.

But, now, since the pandemic hit and the online education world has changed, what happened is that teachers had to become self-employed or freelancers. They had to learn how to teach on their own, without depending on institutions to place students in front of them and paying them to teach.

The job of a teacher has changed tremendously in the recent years.

Those who have succeeded to become self-employed are often teaching only to a hand few of students, often under pricing themselves because they don’t have a sustainable flow of new students requesting their service, but still, they’ve become indépendant and that’s great.

The problem at that point is that they don’t have the systems. They don’t have a business. Everything depends on them, and it comes extremely hard for them to sustain their activity.

They don’t have time for themselves

They don’t have the money to expend on what they really want

They don’t have the energy to truly invest into things they care about

That’s where starting a business comes in.

To become a business owner, you need to start depending on your systems.

The most important system you can have in your online education business is a system of productivization that allows you to recover your time, energy and money and invest it into your business.

The best thing online educators can do is turn their high ticket program into an on-demand course that they can sell for a cheaper price where they don’t have to teach themselves.

There’s an infinity of ways to go about turning a high-ticket program into a product and then systematically selling it… 

However, what seems to be the most natural way to do this is by doing as follow:

  1. Pre-sell/validate the course on sales calls for high ticket offer
  2. Record a live version of the course with a cohort (get paid to record)
  3. Package it as a product
  4. Use it as a downsell on your sales call for those that the high-ticket offer is not the right match.
  5. Create marketing and systems around the product
  6. Automate the process and scale!

Granted, it’s easier said than done. If you’ve already tried to do this, you’ve probably faced a couple of obstacles. It’s not an easy process, but once you have it together, it can easily double, triple your current education business.

The good news is that if you’re struggling to take your education business to the next level, or even have problems starting it, we’ve been specialized in course selling for the past 5 years and we LOVE helping people in your situation. Nothing’s more rewarding than helping teachers and educators to bring value to the wold at scale.

That’s why we created our DFY program and we suggest you take 90 seconds to apply for it. Even if you’re not the right match for the program or it’s too costly for you, we certainly have something of value to offer to you and your time will be 100% worth it, guaranteed. 

Take the time to check out the program, and good luck productivizing your offer! 

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