7 Common Online Course Marketing Issues

Common Online Course Marketing Issues

Learn how to solve common online course marketing issues. A great online course marketer is defined by their resilience and resolve. Throughout your marketing experience, you will encounter a swathe of different problems and challenges. It’s your job to overcome them if you want to be successful.

You don’t need to do it alone. Use our helpful tips to guide you along the way. 

How to start an online course business with a small budget

Solution: Get an idea of what is essential, and how to properly portion your budget. Important things to consider are website hosting, website design, testing, affiliate software, ad campaigns and course creation.

Lots of traffic to your online course sales page but no sales

Solution: This could be down to a multitude of issues. It’s just a case of troubleshooting and sourcing the problem/s. Common reasons for this are:

  • Poor audience demographics/targeting the wrong audience. You may need to alter your ad campaigns or think about changing the target audience of your course.
  • Your ad campaigns lack quality. Running ad sets and comparing performance is the best way to find the perfect ad.
  • Poor landing pages. Split testing software can help you find the page that packs the most punch.
  • Inconsistent theme and branding.

Struggling your online course to rank even though all SEO checklist has been ticked off

Solution: You may be targeting keywords with high competition rates. In order to rank for quality keywords, you need to work from the ground up. Try targeting longtail keywords with high search volume and low competition. Software such as Longtail Pro is excellent for finding these.

How to build a social media following for your online course business

Solution: Be extremely unique in your approach. Apply your main theme into your posts. Offer something in return for engagement. Do giveaways. Prioritize customer experience. Join engagement groups. Post consistently (1-2 per day, especially on Instagram). Post quality content. Focus on viral videos on your Instagram page. Post original content, not just reposts. Respond to comments and direct messages.

What to do if you have an online course but it’s not selling

Solution: Invest in an affiliate program. Offer mouth-watering commissions and extra bonuses for your affiliates. You may even need to create a customer support team to look answer any queries they may have about promoting your course. You have to treat your affiliates with the utmost care, they may just be the reason your product goes viral.

How to get organic traffic to your online course website

Solution: Focus on SEO and start a blog on your website. Create articles that answer questions and queries within your niche. For example, if I was selling a course that taught people about writing a short story, I might publish an article titled ‘Top Ten Tips For Character Development In Horror Fiction’.

How to come up with blog ideas for online course creators

Solution: Go to ‘AnswerThePublic.com’ and type in a relevant keyword within your niche. The search page spits out all the relevant search queries related to your keyword of interest. So, for example, if I searched ‘Running Shoes’, the website would show me all the different things people had been searching for that were related to my search term. Take a look at the image below to see what it would look like.


Note: If something goes wrong on your website/ad campaign that is outside your level of expertise, it’s best to just contact the relevant support team. They are there to help and you should never shy away from getting them to fix your problems.

The way how to solve common marketing issues can vary depend of the error but is important for you to learn to identify how to fix it base on previous experiences.

Most of the best courses creators have been pass for this learning path to be able to master how to solve common marketing issues.


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