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After Launching and Growing Multiple Online Course Businesses to 7 Figures, We're Finally Sharing Our Secret Strategies

Dear Course Creator,

I know what it’s like to be a course creator and entrepreneur.

Before I knew how to properly position and sell education and courses online, I struggled from the exact same problems that you’re struggling with today.

You invest the time to create something great.

Only to launch it.



Where is the flood of customers waiting to buy what you worked so hard to create?

This is the biggest problem facing online course creators today.

You’re a great educator.

But finding enough customers so you can actually make a great living off of your courses is the problem.

After deciding I never want to face these issues ever again, I taught myself how to grow online education business the hard way.

It took me years to master.

And countless dollars invested in trial and error.

And it didn’t work…

At first.

But I continued learning every single aspect that a successful online course business has.

Then everything changed.

It suddenly started working.

And not on a small scale either.

Before I knew it, years had passed and I had launched dozens of courses in partnership with educators and generated more than $4M sales in 2020 alone.

This was when I knew that I had to share this knowledge.

So future online course creators wouldn’t have to go through the painstaking years of trial and error with little NO results in the process.

This is why I started to develop the EduStart process.

The process that you are about to learn.

The process that allowed my team and I have used to launch successful course after successful course.

All in different industries.

All with completely different types of customers.

And because I’m passionate about online education, it’s time to take this process to you.

I want all educators to learn how to properly SELL their course online.

And that’s why we’re bring you EduStart – your toolbox of blueprints, outlines, proprietary strategies, templates and training to bring your online education business from 0 to at LEAST $20K/mo.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals, together.

Charles Signature 1
Charles Lapointe

Introducing The EduStart Program

The Online Course Business Launch Course and Toolkit that YOU Can Implement, No Matter What Your Current Technical Skill Levels Are. This Program Includes:

5 Video Modules

Based on the EduScale 5-step process we use with our partners.

Quantum Leaps Mindsets

Entrepreneur & marketing mindsets that create MASSIVE success.

Diagrams & illustrations

Clear visual representations of the marketing systems.

Marketing templates

Get the most up-to-date templates we use for our clients and our partners.

Coaching & Support

Live group & personal support on Slack

Our Simplified Learning Experience Is Specifically Optimized TO Take You From A Complete Beginner
To An Education Business Master

The 5 modules you need to do this are as follows


Creating The "Heart" of Your Education Business

Two part business foundation.

Firstly, we’ll establish the EduStart strategy visually with diagrams and illustrations. 

Then, we’ll open all of the necessary accounts and softwares you will need to have a highly automated, high converting business without spending a ton of money on services.



Creating a High Converting Sales System

In this module we’ll show you the EXACT templates that we’ve used to launch our last 30 courses and start generating $20K – $100K/mo for individual courses using the most direct, simple process. Even if you’re a complete beginner to marketing we’ve created these templates to be completely fill in the blank and foolproof.


How to Automate the Growth of Your Business

In this module, we’ll integrate the different systems into a whole.

Then, we’ll make sure functionality is working by doing the important tests.

And lastly, we’ll establish a way to measure the results of our marketing campaigns.


Our Point and Click, High ROI Paid Ads Strategy

Most education business owners have NO idea where to start when it comes to driving traffic.

Not members of EduStart.

We design our sales funnels to be so efficient and predictable, that you will feel more comfortable than ever to use paid traffic channels.

Of course, using paid traffic channels such as Facebook and Google ads is a challenge for even the best of marketers.

But we will show you the exact ad templates and landing pages to use, to make sure you drive leads to your course sales funnel that are GUARANTEED to turn into customers, at a high profit.


Low Risk Launch Strategy and Growth Hacking

What is the different between an education business that does $5K – $10K/mo and one that does $50K – $100K?

The key is optimizing your business strategy to ensure that your business can comfortably, profitably grow to a higher level.

This is surprisingly simpler than you think – if you know how to analyze your initial results and adapt your strategy to grow even more.

We teach you EXACTLY how to do this in module 5!


Bonuses + Q/A

Benefit from our calls with live members where we answer all of their questions and upload the recording.

If there’s any question you have, you can ask it through our Slack group, and if it’s worthy to be added to the course, we’ll upload it along side our other videos.

Your feedback will help us create the future versions of EduStart.

Follow A Proven 5-Step Process
To Take You From A Beginner To A Pro In Just 90 Days​

EduStart Strategy & Setup
Copyediting & Content Creation
Design & Systems Integrations
Paid Ads Business Setup
Launch, Measure & Optimize

What Our Clients Say About Us

The Three Mega Niches

From health & fitness, business and finance, to love and relationships, our clients start and grow businesses in each of the three mega niches.

Time for yoga.

Health & Fitness

EduStart is perfect for health professionals, practitioners, coaches, teachers and experts in the health & fitness industry. 

Business & Finance

The EduStart program has helped business and finance professionals such as investment consultants and trading instructors to start and grow their online education business.

Business or Finance
Psychological consultation

Social & Emotional

Relationships can be challenging. The EduStart program has been a key factor for many coaches, therapists, psychologists to be able to start and grow their own course and education business.

Who Is This Program Made For

professors teachers tutors
Professors, Teachers & Tutors

Area experts that provide their specialized knowledge to eager online students.

exprienced working professionals
Experienced working professionals

Professionals in their fields seeking to transmit their acquired knowledge and experience.


Coaches with programs that want to scale and productivize their offer.

course creators
Course Creators

Course or info-product creators that are in need of a clear process to sell their online products.


Entrepreneurs that want to scale their online offers with a proven marketing system.


High-ticket consultants wanting to stop selling their time and sell info-products on auto-pilot.

Our findings

Common Industry Issues

Through working with a variety of online education professionals, we have recognized consistent scaling obstacles.

Organic Traffic

Dependency on organic traffic makes results unpredictable and unscalable.

Technical Skills

Lack of technical skills to build online systems reduces conversion rates and unprofessional.

Web &
Funnel Design

Ineffective web & funnel design confuses visitors and don’t convert into sales.

Here's What The Process You Will Learn Has Yielded For Our Clients ​

0 K+
Leads generated
0 K+
Courses sold
0 M+
Revenue generated
0 +
Back-end promotions

...And a Few of our Case Studies

We took an info-product company from 0 to €300,000 ($364KUSD) in less than 90 days with Facebook ads

Generated $100,000 USD in 4 days during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 weekend with no Facebook Ad spend
We have consistently generated accurate results (ROI & Profits) attributable to Google Ads for online training selling globally
Generated direct sales (ROAS 2.0+) on sales pages profitably through comprehensive funnels and innovative advertising
We generated a ROAS of 10X in 90 days by generating thousands of profitable leads for our clients
We participated with a client in a profitable launch with the following results: €18.64 EPC & €14 820 revenue in 1 week

Copy Our Blueprints to Launch And Scale Successful Courses... Every Time

We are leaving no stone unturned in the EduStart Online Course.

We are showing you everything you need to focus on, and not focus on, to create the most direct path to turning your online course business into a huge success.

Whether it is your goal to run a lifestyle business that allows you to take home a 5 figure profit monthly to free up your time…

Or if you want to turn your course business into one of the largest in your niche, we are giving you every strategy that you need in order to accomplish your goals.

There’s no reason that your course business shouldn’t be incredibly successful right now.

But you are simply falling in with the rest of your industry right now that simply doesn’t know how to stand out and become the #1 choice for your ideal customers.

And it’s time for you to separate yourself from them.

It’s time for you to join the top 10% of course creators.

The course creators that make all of the sales in their industry.

The course creators that become the thought leaders of their industry.

They know tactics and strategies that the bottom 90% does not.

And that is why we win.

It’s a very simple equation.

If you follow the blueprint, your results will not be left up to chance.

The strategy we are sharing with you in the EduStart program works.

Every. Single. Time.

That is how we can guarantee results for you.

That is why we guarantee that if you follow our steps, you WILL be successful.

We’ve refined and applied this process to 20+ different online niches.

Regardless of what you teach, and regardless of where you teach it, our program WILL work for you.

As long as you are willing to stay focused, and implement our step by step blueprint.

Your success is guaranteed.

Fill Out This 90 Second Application to Apply for EduStart

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Go Through the entire program risk free

Backed By Our No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As we’ve mentioned, if you complete the EduStart Program, your success is not left up to chance.

You will become a successful online education entrepreneur when you complete our process.

And this is why we stand by our promise to you and give you a 100% guarantee on your investment into the EduStart program.

If you are serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur, then we are equally as serious in equipping you with the tools to become the best online educator that you can be.

So go through EduStart, read and implement the knowledge. Do the exercises.

And if you don’t see how this product can help you make $20’000 per month now or with its future updates, then simply contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your full payment. No questions asked.

That’s a full month of implementation to see whether this could work for you… I guarantee that you’ll be amazed at the difference of a few mindset shifts, a good model and a high-leverage skill can have on your wallet.

Your Current Opportunity is Unprecedented

The online education market is growing faster than ever.

Online course consumers all over the planet have become more motivated to learn more skills online than ever before after the COVID pandemic.

And this trend is showing no signs of slowing.

In fact, it’s increasing even more.

More capital than ever is flowing into the online education market.

And you have something worth teaching.

So it’s time for you to empower yourself to find the right customers so you can grow your education business.

Your ideal customers are out there waiting to learn what you have to teach.

You just haven’t reached them in the right way yet.

And EduStart will teach you exactly how to do that.

There has never, ever been a better time to be an online education entrepreneur.

There have never been more customers wanting to learn the skills that YOU can teach them.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time for you to take your future into your own hands, and equip yourself with the tools you need to capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity.

The time for you to start is now!

Success Is Where Preparation And Opportunity Meet

Fill Out This 90 Second Application to Apply for EduStart and Schedule a Strategy Call With Charles

Get These Exclusive Bonuses for Being Part of Our Launch Special

For the first 20 people that join EduStart only you are going to get access to:

calendly bonus

A FREE strategy call with our CEO and brain behind EduStart – Value $299

calendly bonus
A FREE “end of program” audit to ensure your course business is on track to meet or exceed $20K/mo – Value $199
slack bonus

A FREE video training on how to establish your virtual HQ using Slack – Value $99

asana bonus

A FREE video training on how to manage projects & freelancers using Asana and Everhour – Value $99

What Our Clients Say About Us

It’s Your Time to Create Your Online Course Success Story

We’ve spent the last few years helping people launch and scale their online education businesses.
And every time we see them become successful, it feels great to have been part of their journey.
And it’s always crazy to see that once our course entrepreneurs start to adopt our super simple fundamentals, their businesses grow to heights they never thought possible.
And it’s your turn to do this for your own business.
Now is not the time to continue sitting on the sidelines and watching other course creators make all of the sales.
It’s time for you to create your own success story.
And you can do that for yourself by making that decision today.
The decision to approach your goals from a better angle.
The decision to stop settling for less than you deserve.
The decision to take your course business and reach the thousands of customers that are waiting to buy your course.
Whether you commit to EduStart today or not, making this decision to take your course business seriously will still change your life.
We just know that EduStart is the PERFECT solution for course creators in your exact position.
Which is why we are here to help guide you to the success that you deserve.
So let’s get started.
We can’t wait to help you take your online course business to new heights.
See you on the inside!

Trusted by Course Creators and Organizations of all Sizes

We have already implemented our systems across different industries and international markets.

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