Take Your Online Course Business to 6 Figures/Month

Dear course business owner 

You know, like me that online course businesses are the best around 

No inventory 

No cost of goods sold

Anywhere in the world

It just really comes down to marketing

So you’ve managed to build a profitable online course business. 

You’ve done it. 

Many people may be envious of where you’re at. 

We get it. We’ve been there

But they don’t get that there’s a big problem for us. 

And that’s the hunger for growth. 

It’s not obvious how to get to 100k per month while keeping or even improving your profit margins. 

We’re not saying that WE have an online course business making 100k 

But we’ve worked with many like you and we’ve solved that problem for them all.

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Case Study: Here’s How We Systematically Grow Online course businesses to Six Figures per month

We took a company from having a few online courses selling organically to a multinational company selling in 5 languages and has grossed well over 4 million dollars this year. 

What do we know? 

We know the behind the scenes of what growing an online course business like that takes. 

And we’ve turned that experience into Marketing services that achieve just that.  

If you have courses already that sell in French, German, English, Italian, and dutch, and you’re hungry for growth, and you want to scale your education business, apply for EduScale now…

Introducing: Your Online Education Business Built for You

We’ll pool all of our resources to take your course business to the next level. Here are some of the standard projects we take on to get you there. 

  • Designing, building, or copywriting marketing funnels
  • Integrating the technology to need to make the whole thing run
  • Facebook Ads, email marketing, and technology growth management
  • Support and consulting  

We Deploy the Perfect Funnel To Sell Your Courses And Programs Fast

Here are the 5 funnels that we can deploy rapidly to start generating results fast. 

  • Mother Funnel
  • Lead generation Funnel
  • Course Funnel
  • Application Funnel 
  • Webinar Funnel

We can also take care of integrating them with the best tools and technology available on the market.

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The Three Mega Niches​

From health & fitness, business and finance, to love and relationships, our clients start and grow businesses in each of the three mega niches.

Time for yoga.

Health & Fitness

EduScale is perfect for course businesses positioned in the health, wellness & fitness industry.

Business & Finance

The EduScale program has helped business and finance professionals such as investment consultants and trading instructors to start and grow their online course business.

Business or Finance
Psychological consultation

Social & Emotional

Relationships can be challenging. The EduScale program has been a key factor for many coaches, therapists, psychologists to be able to and grow their own course and education business past 6 figures.

Here's What The Process You Will Learn Has Yielded For Our Clients ​

0 K+
Leads generated
0 K+
Courses sold
0 M+
Revenue generated
0 +
Back-end promotions

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Case Study #1: Scaling with ROI

We’ve worked to scale wellness courses in French for our client Instruire. 

We targeted clients thanks to Google Ads to obtain consistent conversions and we managed to give our client the best ROI. 

We then went on and localized our efforts in the Spanish, German, English & soon Italian and Dutch markets.

Case Study #2: Product Launch

Still in the wellness niche, and thanks to a strategic Facebook Ads campaign aiming to target the right prospects, we invested 586 for a total revenue of 3374. The ROAS was 5.75. Directly in the pockets of our client.

We also put in place a highly effective email campaign converting warm and hot prospects.

Case Study #3: Black Friday Cyber Monday

With no Facebook or Google Ad spend whatsoever, we generated 100K during the 2020 Black Friday – Cyber Monday week-end selling multiple health and wellness courses. In a 4-day span.

For this one, we concentrated efforts on the existing list offering them an exclusive discount code they could use store wide. 

We coupled that email promotion strategy with a home banner announcement on the website of our client.

We grossed well over 200K in 4 days with a refined strategy for the 2021 Black Friday Cyber Monday week-end.

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Three Steps To Start Scaling Your Online Course Business

You Set Out to Share Your Knowledge With EVERYONE Who Needs It

You’ve been selling courses.

But you’re tired of trying to crack the code to reach your greatest potential. 

So you try to convince yourself that you’re fine with what you have. 

But the hunger remains. 

To grow your course business; to reach even more people in need of your knowledge; and to reap even greater rewards.  

But it’s a HUGE undertaking. And requires leveraging the compounding effects of refining and aligning every piece of your marketing process. 

It requires a proven system and an array of experts who all understand that system.

This is where SolutionLabs comes in.

You Need a Team that ARE Masters of Online Course Marketing...

Think about it.

If you had a team that knew every single one of the tools necessary to build a successful online education business.

If you had a team that had done this over and over that could structure your course, maximize ease of learning, market it, sell it and scale it.

THAT would be a godsend for you and your online course business.

And that’s exactly what we want to do for you.

We want to STOP you from spending countless hours trying to figure out how to take your online course business to the next level.

We want you to have the entire audience share of people who LOVE what you teach and constantly line up to learn more from you.

An audience that is happy to learn what you teach, and invests in your courses regularly.

That’s what we want to build for you.

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We Want To Get You Results Just Like Our Case Studies

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