Eduscale Introduction

This course will bring you clarity and break down the marketing process into clear, defined steps. We’ll explain the marketing jargon you’ve heard thrown around, and teach you exactly how to implement the techniques.  

You’re going to become a confident marketer. You’re going to make it to the top 5% of e-learning providers – the best of the best.

What is it?

The Infopreneur Marketing Starter Pack is a course that teaches people how to sell their high-quality info-products to potential customers. It is a digestible walkthrough on how to use digital marketing to sell your products and how to scale your business tenfold. In other words, it’s a handy shortcut to turn your info product into a growing asset. In this course, you’ll learn how to turn your product into a business system that creates incredible cash flow and is continuously growing, with minimum effort on your part, once you’ve set up the system. 

I’m not going to lie to you – there is a quicker way to do this. That’s an agency contract with us, SolutionLabs. We help our clients take the sales of their info products to the next level, so they can make more money and reach more students. But not everyone can afford this. This course is the next best thing, and it’s definitely better in a long way.

The long way would be for you to try to navigate the world of digital marketing on your own, piecing together bits of information from across the web, which unless you’re lucky will cost you a lot of time and wasted effort. The fear of messing it up is paralyzing, and the cost of failure is usually high.

The long way would be for you to try to navigate the world of digital marketing on your own, piecing together bits of information from across the web, which unless you’re lucky will cost you a lot of time and wasted effort. The fear of messing it up is paralyzing, and the cost of failure is usually high[1].

Why We’ve Created This For You

The Infopreneur Starter Pack is therefore your least expensive option because it will save you precious time setting up your online sales and marketing infrastructure. It also stops you from investing in expensive ad campaigns, or non-converting sales funnels.

Besides simply being the most inexpensive option, using the Infopreneur Marketing Starter Pack will give you the knowledge to collaborate with high-level marketing agents and freelance professionals. This will allow you to delegate your work to the right people, freeing up your time for you to enjoy.

We’re here with you… every single step of the way

The Infopreneur Starter Pack is designed to produce optimal sales results by walking you through all the steps to build your marketing infrastructure. You’ll be directed through exercises, templates, secrets and explanations on how to set up and scale your info product business. By the way, we want to know how you’re getting on. Please get in touch with us if at any point you feel unclear about what to do next. We really care about your success, and if there’s something we haven’t addressed, we want to help you. So please don’t drop out of the course if you get frustrated. Instead, reach out to us on EMAIL and we’ll do everything we can to help you get back on track again.

One of the most important factors to accelerate the growth of a business is to have the proper infrastructure in place. If your business is using the wrong principles, execution and organization from the beginning, there is little chance that you’ll be able to stay on top of every new challenge. You’re much more likely to go about putting bandages on everything instead of really fixing the problems. Don’t do that. Let us coach you.

The Infopreneur Starter Pack is really a preventative measure for infopreneurs. It makes sure your business never gets sick. With a healthy business in tow, you won’t have to decide between the help of expensive professionals or trying to fix it yourself. Regardless, an unhealthy business will slowly drain you of your financial and mental resources. That’s definitely not the way to go.

“But what if…?”

Q: What if you go through the whole course, do all the exercises, learn all the material, and you still aren’t seeing results?

A: Well, you’ll notice that one of our most important principles is testing.

Going through the course one time may not be enough, you may need to test-trial different parts of your funnel to see how well they work. Trialling is key to making the perfect funnel. If this approach would prove to be time consuming for you, you can always reach out to SolutionLabs support and schedule a call so that we can address your specific issues.

You can do it, and you can do it now

As you go through this course, there  are three key things to remember.

The best way to learn any skill is to implement it as soon as possible.

It’s okay if you haven’t succeeded in the past and it’s okay not to have overnight success. The most important thing is that you start putting these tools into practice. You can work at your own pace, just take care not to overthink or try to do everything perfectly.

You don’t need to spend a long time planning and theorizing.

Implement as soon as you can, then test and refine. Use the course’s content, mix it with experience, do the exercises and apply it to the real world.

Take the time you need to understand the techniques, so you can apply them well – then apply them.

This is important when it comes to testing as you need to perform accurate tests which give you valuable insight. So, you don’t want to rush or skip any steps. You’re not falling behind in making sure you test thoroughly. Instead, you’re laying the foundation for continuously improving your marketing results.

If you’re running your business part-time or you have other time constraints, it can be easy to fall into the trap of learning techniques and not applying them. It’s perfectly normal and human.

Making progress with your marketing plan is like building any other habit.

Requires momentum; traction. That might sound difficult, but we’ve got some good news for you – there’s an easy way to build traction if you’re struggling to find the time to take action.

Here’s a story about an entrepreneur who had big plans but was pushed for time. If you find yourself feeling stuck and unable to move forwards, put yourself in his shoes and think about how you could do what he did to get the motor running again.

Peter was an aspiring self-publisher who worked full-time in investment banking. He had a passion for writing and had always wanted to make passive income on the side of his job. He wanted to build his revenue so he could eventually quit his job and live the good life.

He had written plenty of books already, but he just could not find the motivation to go through the steps to publish and market them. He was tired after each day’s work. He had to feed his cat. He had to maintain his workout routine. And he just didn’t feel like it. It felt like a huge task, and his approach was all-or-nothing.

Thankfully, his lack of motivation didn’t matter, because motivation isn’t what gets us going anyway. Peter eventually found a way to get himself to take small actions in the right direction. He told himself it’s better that he does something rather than nothing – even if it only served the purpose of easing his guilt about his inertia.

Each day, when Peter arrived home, he wrote down one small, easy step he could instantly take towards his objective – to have a best-selling e-book. He then completed it. Each day he felt better about himself and this inspired him to keep persisting. Even when he had no motivation, he’d established a habit which carried him through.

The moral of the story? Incremental change builds up to bigger change much easier than if you try to force yourself to do everything at once. Your progress can really snowball this way. Maybe you have no problem with implementation and you have plenty of time on your hands. If not, remember Peter, start doing something tiny and celebrate each step of the way.

With that in mind, let’s find out more about how this course can help you once you start implementing the tools.

This product is both the guide and toolbox to profitability

It will also help you with consistency. Making profits is one thing; making them every month is another. To first become profitable, you need to consistently find good customers and exchange as much value as you can with them. By giving the customer what they want, they give you something of value in return: Money.

Getting good customers means they are relatively inexpensive to reach. They take action, and continue to take action.

●     Exchanging maximal value means serving as many of your customer’s needs and aspirations as you possibly can.

Everything you will learn will either help you get more customers, or maximise the exchange of value.  You will learn:

 How to implement a first iteration of your product selling system

●     How to measure changes in your system using key performance indicators

●     How to test and optimize your system by creating new iterations and measuring their comparative performances.

Repeating this cycle of ‘implement, measure, test’ is the key to healthy business scaling.


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