3 Pitfalls of Selling High Ticket Programs…Solved!

If you’re looking to sell a high ticket program or course, we have some super valuable insight for you today.

At it’s simplest level, we work with clients to help them achieve their online course business goals.

So if you’re an EduScale client or you want to become one, it most likely means that you haven’t fully reached and achieved your goals yet.

In helping our clients push past the things that are holding them and their businesses back, we always start by identify the problems.

So, if you haven’t reached your business goals yet, we put together three of the most common issues we identify with our clients’ businesses when we first start working together.

And we’re going to share them with you today in hopes that you can learn from other’s mistakes and the lessons and breakthroughs that have helped us and our clients find success.

1. Not having a system to drive continuous traffic

This comes down to paid ads.

It’s very important to figure out a way to always have new potential customers learning 
about your business and interacting with the content that you produce.

It’s taking a big risk to rely only on organic traffic such as people finding your website in google search or finding your course business’s Instagram account.

While posting to your social media is necessary, you don’t need to be relying on it to deliver results.

Because it’s not consistent and you can’t count on it.

Some people prefer to go this route because it doesn’t cost anything, but it will end up 
hurting you in the long run.

You won’t regret investing in paid ads.

They’re much more consistent and predicable once you get past the initial stages of learning.

And… this is a big one…

Paid ads allow you to scale.

Which is obviously the only way to get your course business to 6 or 7 figures.

2. Not following up with leads

Leads are the name of the game.

First off, you need to be collecting email leads.

We have a lot of clients that don’t understand the importance of collecting and nurturing email leads.

But when done correctly, email turns into the lifeblood of your course business.

After you start generating leads, you need to have a well-defined plan and system to follow up with them.

3. Being afraid to sell

In the end, exchanging money is the highest value activity that you can perform.

So once you have continuous traffic and leads being generated, that traffic and those leads need to be given the opportunity to buy.

They need to be sold to.

Sometimes this idea gets lost in the craziness of running a course business, but it always needs to be a priority.

You should only give away a certain amount for free.

If you want your course to have a lasting impact on your customers, they need to being paying for it.

Do you know why?

Because we pay the most attention to the things we pay for.

You want your students to really dive deep into your material and the contents of your course so that they can get the absolute most out of it.

To do that, they need to be giving up some monetary amount for the knowledge/skills that they’re gaining.

If you want us to build your entire course business for you so that you don’t have to deal 
with the pitfalls that plague so many online course business owners…

Click Here to Apply for EduScale.


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